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Water Grabs Power Predatory Development

Development that depends on "water grabbing" threatens Latin America’s ability to conserve wetland-based communities and ecosystems. By Alejandro Camargo.


Viewpoints: New Carbon Emission Targets

Following an E.U. agreement to reduce emissions, the United States and China have set new emission-cutting targets, showing some welcome global leadership on climate change.


Lifting the Sentence of Secrecy in Chile

A human rights collective called Londres 38 is pushing to release archives related to the Pinochet dictatorship that are still being kept secret. By Alexia Richardson.


Let Colombia End Its Civil War

The FARC rebels and the Colombian government took another important step toward ending armed conflict and finding alternatives to drug policy.
By Washington Office on Latin America.


Fracking and Water Scarcity

With global energy demands rising, water is becoming a more precious resource by the day, and fracking threatens its supply in more ways than one.
By Joshua Pringle.


Viewpoints: Venezuela's Anti-Government Protests

As protests have expanded in Venezuela this month, state security forces have used excessive force on protestors while cracking down on the press and the opposition.


Nicaragua Strengthens Economic Ties with Europe

Recent meetings and agreements signal that European countries may increase investment in energy and infrastructure projects in Nicaragua.
By Peter Tase.

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