Why Is It So Hard for Some Americans to Vote?

States that have adopted discriminatory restrictions or will likely see enhanced voter intimidation efforts, include Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Indiana, Kansas, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Texas. And make no mistake about it. It’s all about race.

Viewpoints: How Accurate Are the U.S. Election Polls?

The race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump continues to tighten, and not a second goes by without pundits and the media scrutinizing the election polls and tracking the candidates' performances. But polls aren’t votes. What if the polls are all wrong?

Viewpoints: Donald Trump Denies Existence of Climate Change

Donald Trump has called global warming “a total hoax,” “bullshit” and “pseudoscience.” So why is he trying to build a sea wall designed to protect his golf course in Ireland from “global warming and its effects?”

Viewpoints: Is Tax Avoidance Destroying America?

Tax fairness is a key issue leading into the 2016 elections and has many Americans asking the question: Why don’t the rich pay their fair share in taxes?

The Trump Transport: How Hispanics Will Be Delivered to Their Final Destinations

Back in November 2015, Donald Trump told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host, Mika Brzezinski that he would build a “Deportation Force” to remove 11 million undocumented immigrants. Can Trump provide actual details?

Viewpoints: The Growing Water Crisis in America

Americans take for granted that when they open a faucet, water will come out—and clean water at that. It’s time for Americans to reduce their lavish use of water, and for the U.S. government to figure out a long-term solution to ensure that the water is safe to drink.

World Viewpoints: Trump and the Taiwan Call

One month after Tsai took office, China cut off diplomatic contact with her, accusing Tsai of refusing to acknowledge that Taiwan is part of China. Now, Trump’s call to Tsai and his utterance of four words— "the President of Taiwan," have stirred up China and jubilated Taiwan.

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