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U.S. Senate Seats up for Reelection in 2018

The U.S. Senate elections will be held on November 6, 2018. Thirty-three of the 100 Senate seats are up for reelection. The Republicans will be defending just 8 seats, while the Democrats will be fighting for 23, plus another 2 held by independents. The winners of those seats will serve a six-year term from January 3, 2019, until January 3, 2025. The time to start organizing is now.

The Top 5 Places to Work in U.S. Oil and Gas

Anadarko Petroleum, Chevron, Plains All American, Occidental Petroleum and Noble Energy have emerged as the top five employers in the U.S. oil and gas industry, according to a survey conducted by the job site

Trump World: Coming to America on January 20

For many outside and inside the U.S., the Trump victory brought shock and disbelief. And the enormity of Trump becoming president is just beginning to sink in for the leaders and citizens of the world.

Top 10 Stories of 2016

The No. 1 story in 2016? No big surprise here: The ascension of Donald John Trump. The 2016 presidential race will most likely go down as the most unusual, unpredictable White House battle in American history. And Americans will never trust election poll predictions again.

World Viewpoints: Trump and the Taiwan Call

One month after Tsai took office, China cut off diplomatic contact with her, accusing Tsai of refusing to acknowledge that Taiwan is part of China. Now, Trump’s call to Tsai and his utterance of four words— "the President of Taiwan," have stirred up China and jubilated Taiwan.

Child Brides in Zimbabwe

Legal frameworks play a powerful role in transforming norms and protecting girls’ rights. Although many African countries have established 18 as the minimum marriage age for girls, weak enforcement has meant these laws have had little impact.

Taiwan Seeks to Join Fight Against Global Warming

The Paris Agreement on climate change, was signed in New York in April by 175 countries—the largest, single-day signing ceremony in history. Every nation has been encouraged to join the chorus of voices combating climate change. So why has Taiwan been left on the sidelines?

Middle East

ISIS, Turkey and Oil: Interview with Pelicourt

James Stafford

Viewpoints: Violence Between Israel and Palestine

Khalid al-Asaad Slaughtered by ISIS

Teri Schure



The Jedwabne Massacre of 1941: An Interview with Marcin Malek

Teri Schure

Global Refugee Crisis Deepens by the Day

Joshua Pringle

Is Russia Plotting to Bring Down OPEC?

Dalan McEndree



Taiwan Seeks to Join Fight Against Global Warming

Ying-Yuan Lee, Minister of Environmental Protection Administration, Republic of China (Taiwan)

Minigrids: The Next Energy Beacon

Sarraju Narasinga Rao

Viewpoints: North Korea Tests Nuclear Bomb



How the Rest of the World Sees Donald Trump

Why Is It So Hard for Some Americans to Vote? It's All About Race.

Viewpoints: Is Tax Avoidance Destroying America?



Food Insecurity and Climate Change in Egypt

Joshua Goldfond

Tunisia: Escaping the Great Mosque of Uqba

Angela Smith Kirkman

Ebola: A Global Wake-Up Call

Chinua Akukwe


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